Castorcene Films

1928: Beaver People. Canada.

1930: Beaver Family (16min). Canada. A short silent film portraying Grey Owl, the famous conservationist, and a family of beavers who would come when he called and take food from his hand without the slightest fear. The film is set in Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba.

1942: Fur Country. Canada. The historic post of Moose Factory on James Bay is still a centre of Canada’s fur trade. The camera follows Cree trapper George McLoed as he goes out from the post to visit his trap lines.

1946. Fur Trade. Canada. This short film from 1946 presents an outline of the fur trade’s history and the commercial use of fur in Canada. A thirst for fur by the kings and courts of the Old World positioned the fur trade as part of the country’s industrial economy. Fur farming and conservation became increasingly important, although the lonely life of the trapper remained the same.

1946. Vuelo al Sur. Argentina. Introduction of Beavers from Canada into Tierra del Fuego (Sucesos Argentinos).

1946. Parachuting Beavers in Idaho. United States

1960. Beaver Dam. Canada. When the beaver’s dam floods their father’s hayfield, two boys devise a plan to save the beaver from their father’s displeasure.

1972. The Other Side of the Ledger: An Indian View of the Hudson’s Bay Company | 42 min. Canada. Narrated by George Manuel, then president of the National Indian Brotherhood, this landmark film presents Indigenous perspectives on the company whose fur-trading empire drove colonization across vast tracts of land in central, western and northern Canada.

1974. Cree Hunters of Mistassini. Canada. Since times predating agriculture, this First Nations people have gone to the bush of the James Bay and Ungava Bay area to hunt.

1980. The National Scream. Canada. This lively satire uses animation and a pseudo-documentary style to depict Canada’s search for a national identity. The National Scream explains, amongst other elements of Canadiana, how and why the beaver became the country’s symbol.

2009. Wapikoni Mobile 2008 – Anikiwinik (The Trappers). Canada. From father to son, the Poucachiche family goes out hunting beaver, one of the traditional activities that mark the seasons for the Algonquin of Lac Simon.

2014. Beaverland/Los Castores. Chile. Derek and Giorgia, a young couple of biologists, settles in the hostile Tierra del Fuego to study and combat the devastating beaver plague that destructs the area. This violent mission is a unique scenario for their love story.

2015. Castores. La Invasión del Fin del Mundo. Argentina.

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