Hostile HOAs: Exploring discrimination & wildness through private communities

By: Emma Henry Introduction: Homeowners Associations (HOAs) are a byproduct of the evolution of gated communities throughout global history. HOA neighborhoods are typically private, suburban neighborhoods that help maintain property values, ensure various standards are met, and provide various services such as landscaping, building maintenance, and operation of shared spaces.  Edward Blakely and Mary Gail... Continue Reading →

The Hidden Markets

By Kieran Loftis Expectations vs what reality?  i When we go to farmers markets, what do we expect? We expect local products – we want the food from farmers markets to be grown/produced nearby, as it makes us feel as if we are being more sustainable by purchasing produce and other goods that take much... Continue Reading →

The False Promise of Trash Cans

By: Nhu-Lan Pho Image of Overflowing Trash Can at the Sunken Garden. Photo by Author. Sitting outside on one of the many benches that lined the Sunken Garden, the main quad at The College of William and Mary, I saw many people taking advantage of the abnormally warm November afternoon. I saw students taking a... Continue Reading →

How has tourism environmentally redefined, reshaped, and changed native lands in Williamsburg, Virginia?

By Bibiana Mirones (Spring, 2022) Understanding Environmental Anthropology This semester I took Dr. Mara Dicentas Environmental Anthropology Course at William and Mary. Before I take any class that discusses people, topics of decolonization, and themes of intersectionality, I am conscious and reflect on what I hope I will gain from as well as be critical... Continue Reading →

Who Shapes Space?

By Elyas Bouallegui (Spring 2022) This blogpost attempts to illustrate the molding of space by human and non-human inhabitants as they work to serve their own motives in similar ways within a shared space. Specifically, I will be telling the story from my perspective through observing and interviewing a frequent and longtime visitor of Huntley... Continue Reading →

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