New Quarter Park

Julia, Adonis, Ezzie, and I (Annaliese) visited New Quarter Park on a Friday Afternoon in late March. New Quarter Park was far more vast and rich with history than we anticipated. We were eager to explore the park, especially long and winding "Queens Creek." The creek extends from New Quarter Park and serves as a... Continue Reading →

Jamestown Island Park Visit

On a warm Friday afternoon, we drove all the way down Jamestown Road until we arrived at Jamestown Island. The water was glimmering in the sun, and the clouds were voluminous. Margaret and her dad are in a cloud appreciation society, so she stopped to take a photo of the clouds to pass along to... Continue Reading →

College Landing Visit

Carly, Brittany, Jordan College Landing Park is located just off South Henry Street in Williamsburg, VA. Upon arriving, one enters a parking lot facing a body of water (College Creek). There is a wooden bridge (pictured above) which allows visitors to get a better view of the riverbanks as well as the muddy waters below.... Continue Reading →

Indigenous Sovereignty Beyond Territory

Grace Dho, Indigenous Voices in Conservation Midterm Indigenous sovereignty has become a buzzword among the current political agendas. However, the complete scope of indigenous sovereignty is often overlooked in these western agendas, as indigenous sovereignty expands beyond indigenous nations having power over their current disposition (Reed, 2020). True indigenous sovereignty includes sovereignty over historical lands... Continue Reading →

Decolonization – Julia Wack

Decolonization is the process of deconstructing pre-existing colonial approaches to knowledge, research, and technology. For this to be possible, there is a need for prior understandings of the colonial nation’s violent histories. The histories of U.S. lands were Indigenous, but these lands are still Indigenous (Jacobs). Indigenous people cannot be treated as a relic of... Continue Reading →

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