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cropped-20181025_182510.jpgIn this blog, I will be uploading some field notes, pictures, and documents throughout my fieldwork in Tierra del Fuego. I will write my entries either in Spanish (my mother language), English (the language in which I am writing my dissertation within a US-based university), or both (if I have time to do the translations).

I am an environmental anthropologist pursuing a Ph.D. in Science and Technology Studies at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Currently based in Ushuaia (the Argentinian Tierra del Fuego), I am researching the history of the landscapes and natures attending to issues of Modernity, Science, Territoriality, and Coloniality. To interrogate this, I focus on the beavers history, from their introduction in 1946 to their contemporary life management and eradication project.

This project uses archive analysis, ethnography of science, participant observation with knowledge communities, interviews, interdisciplinary collaborations, conferences attendance. For this to happen, I have to thank my advisor Prof. Nancy D. Campbell in the US and the socio-ecology team of CADIC, especially to my mentor, facilitator, and possibilities-maker Prof. Christopher B. Anderson.


“The four cardinal points are three. the South and the North” – Vicente Huidobro


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